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Traffic safety knowledge and inheritance spirit training
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         In order to improve the staff's traffic safety consciousness, strengthen the consciousness of keeping improving, our company in 13:30 on 7 September 2017 points, organized the travel safety, civilization comity, traffic police with you and spirit of the lecture.

         The first is from jiading traffic police brigade captain two sealing FengHuaRong officer do about traffic safety knowledge lecture for us. In the process of the whole lecture, listen carefully, employees not only increase the understanding of the traffic safety knowledge, and enhance the consciousness of the abide by traffic regulations, learned to obey the traffic rules, love life, the importance of safety travel, starts from me. Lectures will also be held to the maintenance enterprise inside and outside traffic order, strive for peace enterprises play a positive role.

          After a break, we ushered in the normal university institute of our school of management, teachers, master of Shanghai JiaoTong University, economist hu wei teacher for us to carry out the training of "spirit".

           Many people think that the craftsman is a mechanical repetition of the workers, but the craftsmen have its more profound meaning. Hu pointed out that the teacher, "craftsmen" represents the temperament of an era, firm and steadfast, strives for perfection. Craftsmen may not can become entrepreneurs, but most entrepreneurs who have this spirit. Treat work, therefore, we should not muddle along, but should have a strong sense of responsibility and the correct way of thinking, in the ordinary but not mediocre work, his splendid fireworks.

           Thanks to the two teachers to share, I hope every worker can benefit from it, cherish life, obey the traffic rules and regulations, and also inherited carries forward the spirit at the same time, do a good craftsman people ".