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The training of fire safety knowledge was successfully concluded
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    At 13:00 p.m. on June 13, our company invited Zhang Xinfa, president of Shanghai Huaxi Vocational and Technical Training Center, to conduct fire safety knowledge training. Principal Zhang introduced some common knowledge of fire fighting close to life, and related knowledge of fire escape methods and the use of fire fighting equipment, so as to enhance staff's awareness of fire fighting and improve fire fighting ability.

     Fire safety knowledge training makes employees realize that only when they know safety knowledge, pay attention to safety and actively take precautions, they can discover and eliminate potential safety hazards in time. And they can build a better working environment and promote the safety development of the company. Make the staff keep the fire awareness of "hidden danger is more dangerous than open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, responsibility is more important than Mount Tai" in their work and life. It also reflects the company's emphasis on safety education for employees. Safety training has always been the top priority of our company. The importance of safety knowledge and the use of fire fighting devices need to be learned and mastered. Employees are very enthusiastic in this safety training, through the teacher's explanation our company hope that employees can realize the importance of safety.

      After the training of fire safety knowledge, the company will take the exam about this training for the employees who participated in the training on June 17.